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Our vision is to create a marketplace where one can find most innovative and affordable solutions for businesses at one place. We always believe, we should learn from others experience's so we started Colabia - an initiative to make it possible. There are some of major industry wide issues where Colabia can help

  • Out of around 137 million companies worldwide approx. 50% end up choosing wrong solutions
  • Average time to find out and onboard an IT solution partner is more than 3 months
  • Approx. 90% of new ventures end up closing because of incorrect technology selections or technology partners
  • 33% of companies are struggling with existing IT systems

Who We Are

Colabia is a B2B IT marketplace which brings businesses together to exchange all kind of IT needs - Services, Trainings, Staffing & Products. We at Colabia take pride in the fact that we are first B2B marketplace for IT solutions and catalog based sales which is going to change the way things are done in IT industry. Our goal is to provide value to IT industry by collaborating both sides of world (customer and vendor) in a very easy and effective way. If you are having a business problem which can be solved by technology then we will connect you with best technology teams who can resolve.

Our History